Red polka dot!!

Red polka dot!!

Long sleeve top

White crop top
$12 –

Jane Norman denim short shorts
$42 –

Converse red flat shoes
$75 –

Silver butterfly jewelry
$54 –

Giorgio Armani volume mascara
$38 –

Elizabeth arden lipstick
$34 –


The greek goddess of AWESOMENESS!!!

The greek goddess of AWESOMENESS!!!

Long red maxi skirt
$82 –

Lorac eyeshadow

Clinique lipstick

Maybelline foundation

Boho cool

Boho cool

A little bit more sunshine

I feel lost. Emotionally. I’m not actually lost. I don’t know, what’s going on with me. I’m just so confused. Things have been slightly rough lately. I lost my period for over a month and a half, but it came back. I’ve been emotionally stressed out, but I’m better now. I feel so disappointed in myself and my body. And I just feel like I need someone to hold me, while I’m crying. Not saying anything, just holding me. Not judging, just comforting me. And I know, who I want it to be. Lets call him X. He’s my new crush. Yes, I’m finally over my loveache heartbreak crush, who I happen to be friends with now. 

X is a really sweet guy, whom I’ve known for a really long time. He’s cute, sweet, funny and smart. He’s really a prince charming. And he has certainly charmed me. But I’m so scared of putting my heart out on the line again, because every time I do that, I get hurt. I’m tired of getting hurt. Getting my heart broken into a million little pieces, that I have to put back together alone. Without any help. I’m just scared. To jinx it. To scare him away. I’m conflicted and confused. And sick and tired of always being the brokenhearted girl. I want to be wild, fun and carefree. Free. I want to be free. I want freedom. To say what I want. To do as I please. Without worrying about getting my heart broken or being sad. But I know it’s impossible. And besides. Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. And it’s true. If you’re always happy, then are you actually happy? But if you have pain in your life, then you really learn to appreciate the happy moments, the ones that will make you smile even years from now. And I have that kind of memories, but I would still like a little more sunshine in my life. That’s all I’m asking for.